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Savannah cats “dog-like?”

There are several breeds of cats often referred to as “Dog-Like”. Savannah Cats are among the best known. Intelligent, interactive and devoted are all terms usually ascribed to dogs but they are also applicable to savannah cats and kittens. Unlike Gramma’s Persian, savannahs are interested in their owners and will meet them at the door or follow them from room to room just like Fido. Savannah cats are trainable and often enjoy playing fetch or walking on leash with their people. 

Scary smart is how one owner describes them.  They learn to open doors, turn on lights, open cabinets and create constant activity around the house. Only Egyptian Maus can rival their level of intelligence and activity as a true breed characteristic. There are lots of smart cats but savannahs are constantly over the top in IQ.

If you want a cat that will want to be with you, enjoy interactive play and just be down right devoted, Savannah Cats maybe your breed.