About Belle Hollow Farms and Exotics

About Belle Hollow Farms and Exotics

Belle Hollow Farms & Exotics is located in the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina. Currently we breed , F-2 Savannah kittensF-3 Savannah Kittens, &nbsp F-6 Savannah Kittens,   F-7 Savannah KittensEgyptian Maus kittens for sale to qualified homes, sheep,and miniature donkeys.

We became a farm when in 1997 we acquired our very first sheep. Shortly thereafter we bought a few pigmy goats to help the sheep graze out pastures. We then bought our first miniature donkey as a guardian for our sheep and goats against the local coyote population. The farm portion of our operation supplied lambs to the local 4H club for the annual lamb show for many years.  Now we specialize in antibiotic and hormone free freezer lambs to the public at large.

We acquired our first serval, Jeffree, in 2004 and that’s when we added the “exotics” portion of our name. The summer of 2005, our presence was graced with the birth of our first F1 Savannah kittens and we couldn’t be happier!  We retained one of our first F-1 females Pearl and brought in Merit an Egyptian Mau as her mate in the summer of 2007 and are producing F-2 Savannahs. We now breed Pearl to Truffles  an F-5 SBT Savannah from My Africats in Florida.

Our sheep: We raise antibiotic and hormone free lamb for flock or freezer and are willing to ship to those that may be interested! Click here to see!

Our servals: First we had Jeffree who opened our eyes to what wonderful cats servals are.

Our Egyptain Maus: We added Egyptain Maus to our cattery in 2007. Merit, our first sire is a wonderfully gentle cat giving exceptional disposition to both his F-2 Savannah kittens and his double registered CFA and TICA Egyptian Mau kittens.  We have a new sire Van Gogh who is sugary sweet and stunningly beautiful.   We have several beautiful Mau queens and we produce many quality Mau kittens. If you have never experience the loving disposition of a Mau you have never met” a born to love you” cat breed. We offer Silver Bronze and Smoke kittens to both breeding and pet homes. Click here to see!

Our Farm: We have many creatures on our farm and enjoy the companionship of each and everyone! Click here to see!

Betsy Whitlock
Belle Hollow Farms & Exotics