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Lets talk about Savannah Cats

Savannah Cats are a fairly new breed created from and crossing of an African Serval to a domestic cat. The first savannah was the accidental breeding of a pet Serval to a Siamese barn cat. The resulting kitten was named “Savannah” hence the breed was named for her.

Since that crossing in the late 1980s the breed has come a very long way.

The International Cat Association (TICA) accepted the breed as an experimental breed and since that time the breed has evolved and is now accepted as a fully recognized breed and is eligible for Championship status after the 3rd Generation of savannah to savannah breeding (F-4SBT) with the organization.

Savannah Cats are high energy, interactive and very intelligent. The later generation cats F-4 and later) are suitable for any cat home that wants an engaging pet with loads of personality. They are exotic in appearance but basically are pretty much just high energy domestic cats.

If you are in the market for a “Dog-Like” cat Savannahs cats could very well be the breed for you.

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