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Egyptian Mau and Savanah Cat Breeder

Belle Hollow Farms & Exotics

2023 looks like it will be a great year here for Belle Hollow. We expect litters of F-2 thru F-7SBT Savannah Cats as well as more of our stunning Egyptian Maus. Many of our young F-2 Savannah queens should produce fabulous F-3 Savannah Kittens this year. Our new Egyptian Mau bloodlines from Europe have had a great first year and promise to provide many wonderful new kittens with more diverse genetics in 2023. If you are looking for a quality, high-energy, and affectionate companion this spring and early summer get on our Notify List NOW! Beautiful spotted kittens will begin to arrive this month and more litters will arrive regularly all spring.

This year we will be celebrating our 18th year of breeding special friends for special people. Our program is focused on healthy, beautiful, and fully socialized spotted kittens. We are a TICA, and CFA registered cattery.

Check out our “available kittens“.  New Egyptian Mau kittens and Savannah Kittens will be arriving soon! Don’t miss out!  When new kittens are posted, jump in and don’t be left wishing you had contacted us sooner.  Get on our Notify List to be sure to be ready for news of new arrivals.

Check out our “Things to Know”, and “Blog” on several subjects that you may find helpful in deciding on your new best friend.

Betsy and the team at Belle Hollow

Available Kittens

Our available Savannah and Egyptian Mau kittens for sale in North Carolina are the offspring of purebred double registered Egyptian Maus and TICA registered Savannah Cats of all generations, carefully selected for their prime health, elegant bodies, colors, patterns, and personalities.

BACK AVAILABLE! This sweet F-6SBT Snow boy and his siter have been under contract since they were 4 weeks old but like his sister, the families finances have changed and they are unable to bring them home. He's a stunning boy and will make a fabulous pet!

SUPER OPORTUNITY!! This sweet Snow F-6SBT Savannah girl has been under contract since she was 4 weeks old but her family had a financial set back and can no longer take her home. Their loss your gain to secure a truely spectacular kitten!

This beautiful F-3C Savannah girl was a little early and I personally bottle raised her from birth. She is a 100% Human Imprint and will be a pet like no other kitten can be.

In her first photo shot only on eye is open but that will change soon and she will be the loving pet she was bred to be. She has come into her own and is full of joy and energy.

This lovely silver F-4SBT savannah girl has a fuzzy coat and may be a little on the fluffy side as an adult but her spots will poop as she grows. She will make a loving sweet companion.

From time to time owners circumstances change and we are asked to re-home some of our kittens as adult cats. We also retire our queens when their breeding career is over and sometimes a young cat will wash out of the breeding program. Those cats are listed here and need a loving forever home. We do charge an adoption fee as We don't believe that "Cats free to good home" often get a good home! If you think you can provide a good home for any of these special cats we would love to hear from you.

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Egyptian Mau & Savannah Kittens for Sale

Thinking of getting Savannah Cats for Sale or Egyptian Mau for sale?

Different people have different ideas about what it means to have a cat. Some people want a cat that will cuddle with them and sit on their laps, while others are happy to live with a cat that is very independent and doesn't want to spend much time with people. The...

Belle Hollow is the premier cat breeder for Savannah kittens and Egyptian Mau kittens, producing beautiful, healthy and well-socialized pets.

Quality kittens become quality pets, and we look for the best characteristics of the Savannah and Egyptian Mau to give each owner the quintessential example of the breed.

Breeding Savannah cats and Egyptian Mau cats is a careful process which takes patience and expertise.

The Savannah cats are the result of the hybrid breeding of an African Serval and a domestic cat.

Through subsequent generations and breedings of Savannah cats and other appropriate, outcross breeds, the parent cats are selected carefully to make healthy, social Savannah kittens that exhibit the extraordinary patterns and beautiful looks of the Serval, with the disposition of the domestic cat.

Savannah cats come in a range of colors from the standard brown, black spotted (BST), silver, black spotted (SST), Smoke, and melanistic (black on black) to non-standard snow, cinnamon and almost any imaginable color with spots.

With long bodies, powerful limbs and striking spotted coats, Savannah cats are visually stunning.

Egyptian Mau cats are similar to Savannah cats, originally arising from the wildcats of Africa and finding their way into the lives and tombs of the early peoples of Egypt.

They are the only fully domestic breed to exhibit the natural gorgeous spots, reminiscent of their wildcat origins.

Available in silver black spotted, bronze black spotted, smoke and black, Egyptian Mau cats are the most elegant and visually striking of fully domestic cat breeds.

They are high energy, exceptionally intelligent and loyal to their owners.

Strong and muscular in build, there truly is no comparison for these cats in both beauty and temperament.

Learn more about the Savannah and Egyptian Mau kittens for sale at Belle Hollow online or give us a call to select a gorgeous and elegant exotic cat for your home.