It’s Savannah Mania at Belle Hollow!

We have an amazing selections of available and affordable savannah kittens at this time. F-2s, F-3s and F-6Bs and SBTS and in a rainbow of colors. If you don’t see the kitten you are looking for please Contact us to see if the kitten you desire is not yet posted or if we expect that kitten in the near future!


A little bird told me we will be offering 4 stunning little F-2 Savannah babies in the next few weeks.

Are Savannah Cats “other pet” friendly?

I get this question all the time!  Savannah Cats are generally very gregarious in nature and if properly introduced get along well with other pets. As kittens Savannah Cats like all kittens are pretty pliable and will learn to fit into most families and enjoy the companionship of other pets as well as people. That said, you should consider the disposition of the pets you will be introducing your new kitten to.  Dogs, that have never had cat friends, maybe inclined to chase small kittens. Older cats may be a little territorial about having a new kitten invade “their space.”  Talk to your breeder before selecting a new kitten. Sometimes the sex of the new savannah kitten my have an impact on what would make the best match for your home. Take your dog to a friends home who has cats and see how they behave around dog friendly cats. Your new savannah kitten will adapt to your pets, the real question is will your pets adapt to your new kitten?


How much do Savannahs cost?

That’s a great question! Because savannahs can be Early Generation (F-1 through F-3) or later generations (F-4 through F-8) and come in several standard and many, many non standard colors the pricing can vary greatly.

Generally speaking the closer (lower the number) the kitten is to the African serval the more expensive the kitten. F-1 kittens are very hard to produce, have a high mortality rate from prematurity and require intensive care they are the most expensive of savannahs. ┬áThat said the price for a healthy quality pet can vary from breeder to breeder by thousands of dollars. ┬áHere at Belle Hollow we strive to keep our pricing reasonable and our kittens are frequently more affordable than other breeders. We are able to accomplish this by having lower overhead (we already live on a farm), our daughter and my best friend are our two Vets so we are able to keep our veterinary bills in check and we don’t need to make a whole year’s salary on each kitten.

A savannahs price is not necessarily an indicator of quality just an indicator of what a breeder thinks their market will bare. We have seen many, many breeders come and go over the years thinking they could make a huge profit on just a few Early Generation kittens. We are more interested in placing our quality kittens in quality homes and maintaining our excellent reputation, than making a quick buck on a high dollar sale. See our pricing page for our pricing guidelines but keep in mind all kittens are priced according to their individual attributes.

Is a Savannah right for me?

Black on Black savannah kitten

Black on Black savannah kitten

Savannahs are generally a high energy cat. Not your Mom’s couch potato, they enjoy interaction, play and are very intelligent. If you want a “Doglike” pet without the dog, Savannahs maybe the perfect kitten for you. Easily trained, savannahs can walk on a leash, ride in the car, go camping or participate in any activity you introduce them to as kittens. I have bred kittens that live with long haul truckers, run 5K marathons and love to bath with their people. Unlike many fully domestic cat breeds this cat really likes it’s family and is a true companion animal.

F-6SBT Brown Spotted Savannah loves her family's fish!

F-6SBT Brown Spotted Savannah loves her family’s fish!

Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year

This year comes to close with so many more beloved kittens and their families. We have been blessed to place them in loving homes where we hope they will make their new families lives richer with love and companionship. Stan and I, want to wish all our Belle Hollow families and friends a very Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year.

Betsy and Stan Whitlock

Belle Hollow 2015

Belle Hollow 2015

Belle Hollow goes to Hollywood!

One their way to Hollywood!

One their way to Hollywood!

Our two beautiful silver Egyptian Mau boys are on their way to Hollywood to star in a new commercial and star their lives as working cats for a Hollywood Animal Training company.They will will be living with their trainers and well loved as beloved pets when in in the studio.

Christmas is Coming!


Silver F-6 Savannah Male

We have 6 stunning F-6 savannah kittens that will be ready to go home on or after 12/17/15. We still have 2, F-2 kittens that will also be ready to go before Christmas. Now if you want the most special “Lump of Coal”, consider Petunia, a melanistic Geoffroy’s Cat kitten who will make the most unusual Christmas kitten ever.

Melanistic Geaffroy's Cat kitten Petunia

Melanistic Geaffroy’s Cat kitten Petunia

We expect another litter of Maus which won’t make Christmas but will be a great way to start the New Year.

News from some of our Babies

As a breeder I love to get these kind of emails from owners. I have 2 full siblings of these boys available now, 1 male, 1 female.This is from Nicholas who purchased 2 F-6SBT boys from me last fall.

Kenya has taken on a rusty colored belly and has well proportioned spots. Quite the athlete, he plays well and is only at times skittish. As he matures he has become very loving. He never bites or claws his people even when the kids chase him around the house or tug his tail. Very much the gentleman cat.

F-6SBT savannah Male Kenya

F-6SBT savannah Male Kenya

Congo, is the ham of the two. Never afraid and loves to get in the middle of things. He lives for petting and affection. He also never bites or claws and is very tolerant of our boys. He has a busier spot pattern and a lighter belly. He likes to jump up on your back and lay around your neck like a scarf.

F-6SBT savannah Congo

F-6SBT savannah Congo

Here they are together. They really love each other and I’m so glad I got the two of them so they could have each other.I’ve never had cats that are so easy going with their people. Usually every cat has a place that you can’t pet or touch or else get bit. Not these guys. That has been a super plus for our small children.
Their curiosity and adventurous spirit has no bound which makes them so entertaining.

Congo and Kenya, F-6SBT littermates

Congo and Kenya, F-6SBT littermates

2015 is off with a Bang!

We have a super selection of kittens available, Brown Spotted, Smoke, Black on Black and even a Bright Orange Savannah plus a new litter of Silver Egyptian Maus. If you have been waiting to choose your new furry family member now is an ideal time with so many to pick from and great prices as well.