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Why Belle Hollow does not ship kittens!

In 2011 we shipped a beautiful F-2 Savannah girl to North California. I delivered her, one of my beloved Human Imprints that trusted be me implicitly, to the airline. She had to make a change of planes in Texas, the airlines hub. That was the day the Air Traffic Control system went down for about 8 hours. My poor baby was delivered to Texas where she waited 12 hours to be placed on her connecting flight. I was beside myself, her new Mom was beside her self and the kitten was beside herself. On that day I resolved to find a better way.

I have always been happy to have owners come to the farm for pickup, meet their kittens parents, tour our facility and see how we care for our cats and kittens.  If it is impossible for a buyer to drive to the farm I will happily meet them at the airport in Atlanta, GA or Asheville, NC or drive up to 3 hours in any direction to assist with their pickup. There are so many horror stories about kittens on airlines we have decided that if the kitten is not important enough to the buyer to not fly airfreight  then that buyer is not the best owner for one of my precious kittens.  Atlanta is a 2 1/2 hour drive from the farm, Asheville is 1 1/2 hours but I am more than willing to meet any buyer at either of those 2 airports or drive up to 3 hours in any direction to meet an owner so that I may never have to worry about the safety of one of my kittens left to people that treat them like luggage.

See the link for The Airlines incident, loss and fatality report