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COVID 19 policy

Well, I have been Pussy Footin’ around this subject for a couple of weeks but I guess it time to let the cat out of the bag, so to speak. Stan and I have made our last trip to town for supplies and will now either have everything delivered or have our daughter, the Vet, Amanda or our other daughter (adoptive) Dee Wood, who is our cattery manager, run any errands that require going into town for the duration, whatever that maybe. We will still make deliveries on the road and at the airports but will not leave our car/truck except to deliver kittens into the safe hands of their new families.

I am guessing that by self quarantine we may avoid catching this stupid bug. We, at our age, after all are the target group for this virus. Since we live on a beautiful, very rural farm, 9 miles from town, we have lots to occupy our time and it’s a great place to hang out.

We will continue to welcome new owners for pick up, not with a hug, but with warm noises and directions to guest bath where they can wash their hands.

We will respectfully ask new owners who are not feeling great to delay their pick up dates as needed to be sure they are not traveling and spreading the bug.

If we are meeting owners at the airport we will asks that they call our cell phone when they land and we will provide directions to the short term parking area so we and their kittens are not exposed to the general public.

If owners are using Pet Nannies we will meet them in the same manner.

If we are to meet new owners on the road we will wash our hands and use our hand sanitizer and ask that they do the same.

This is a crazy time and I feel deep in my heart that this is just another flu or cold, but through an abundance of caution we may not have to find out otherwise!!!

With all our love, Stan and Betsy Whitlock

Belle Hollow Farms and Exotics.