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COVID 19 policy

Thankfully we no longer have a COVID 19 policy. We simply ask that visitors exercise reasonable care and not visit the farm if they are feeling poorly. Just like our general rules for visit the farm as follows.

Unlike most breeders we are happy to allow visits and pick- ups here at Belle Hollow. We do ask that you observe a few rules and common courtesy:

  1. Do not visit an Animal Shelter or other Animal Facility the day of your visit. If you have been to another animal facility in the past week please be sure to wear clean shoes and clothing as disease can be transmitted on your hands, feet or clothing. If you have a sick pet at home please reschedule your visit or discuss your situation with us before you arrive.
  2. If you are going to be more than 30 minutes later than your prearranged time please let us know. We have many animals to care for and many chores that require our attention. If we are awaiting your arrival we cannot go about our normal routines. Our phone number is 828-524-6943.
  3. Once you arrive at the farm do not pet or handle the free ranging “barn cats”. They are rescues and retired breeding cats that can bite or scratch. They also can carry viruses to the cats in the house or cattery buildings. Please wash your hands if you do come in contact them so as not to risk the spread of viruses. These cats are vaccinated and well fed but because they are free range they can come in contact with strays and wildlife which presents the opportunity to spread new bugs to the cattery.