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Available Kittens

Belle Hollow is a proud Egyptian Mau and Savannah breeder working to produce healthy, beautiful, social Savannah cats and Egyptian Mau cats, while also advancing the breed.

Our available Savannah and Egyptian Mau kittens for sale in North Carolina are the offspring of purebred double registered Egyptian Maus and TICA registered Savannah Cats of all generations, carefully selected for their prime health, elegant bodies, colors, patterns, and personalities.

Savannah queens and sires must be bred carefully to maintain the physical beauty given by the African Serval in the bloodline and mix the desirable personality traits of the domestic cat.

We are experienced Savannah breeders working with quality Savannah cats, originating from African Serval cats and various domestic breeds.

Our Savannah queens and sires have produced a number of gorgeous Savannah kittens for sale exhibiting the best characteristics of both parents.

With strong bloodlines on both sides, the breed only continues to improve.

We work just as closely with our Egyptian Mau kittens, meticulously choosing the healthiest and most beautiful parents and ensuring the kittens are healthy, socialized and physically exquisite.

Savannah cats and Egyptian Mau cats exhibit the distinguished elegance, intelligence, and rarity of an exotic cat, while also growing into loving and loyal pets.

Contact Belle Hollow to learn more about any available Savannah and Egyptian Mau kittens and to bring one of these beauties into your home.

Belle Hollow is proud to offer healthy, well socialized and beautiful kittens. I sometimes have trouble keeping this page updated so if you do not see a kitten that meets your needs just contact us for any changes to the available kitten list. We are happy to provide references. Check out our page on why you should buy a Belle Hollow kitten.

Kittens are priced individually but fall within certain pricing guidelines. Prices are subject to change as a kitten matures and starts to show it’s potential. By purchasing a kitten early you usually will get the best price as most kittens get better with age either in spot pattern or size.



Sultry and mysterious looking smokes are one of my favorites. The color is unique to just a few breeds. The main hair coat has black tips with a grey to white undercoat and fully black spots and face marking. This boy is an excellent example of the color and will be an extremely sweet but unique looking pet.

This stunning F-3C Savannah girl will warm your heart and be a super companion. Great bloodlines makes her a breeding prospect as well.

This precious Smoke Boy will make an exceptional pet and companion. From a sweet queen Ebony and beautiful Timber he will be an exotic looking Couch Leopard.

This beautiful F-7SBT savannah Boy has a rich golden cast to his coat and a dark nose. He will be a super pet and companion to some lucky person.

This F-2B girl has fabulous spots and will make an exotic looking pet or even a potential queen for an approved breeding program. She has great contrast and large spots.

This savannah girl has pale buttery color with great spots. She will be stunning and as an SBT she is eligable for show.

This savannah girl is just slightly darker in color than her sister but still has the very desirable buttery coat and may have more contrast as an adult. She to is SBT and eligible for show.

This precious savannah boy is already Mr Personality. Beautiful golden on his face and feet may prove to make him a very special boy

SPECIAL NEEDS KITTEN This beautiful buttery colored boy fell behind his siblings and has been bottlefed in addition to his mothers care. Further evaluation has indicated he has a spinal birth defect and will require a special needs home. Please call for details if interested.