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I get this question all the time!  Savannah Cats are generally very gregarious in nature and if properly introduced get along well with other pets. As kittens Savannah Cats like all kittens are pretty pliable and will learn to fit into most families and enjoy the companionship of other pets as well as people. That said, you should consider the disposition of the pets you will be introducing your new kitten to.  Dogs, that have never had cat friends, maybe inclined to chase small kittens. Older cats may be a little territorial about having a new kitten invade “their space.”  Talk to your breeder before selecting a new kitten. Sometimes the sex of the new savannah kitten my have an impact on what would make the best match for your home. Take your dog to a friends home who has cats and see how they behave around dog friendly cats. Your new savannah kitten will adapt to your pets, the real question is will your pets adapt to your new kitten?