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That’s a great question! Because savannahs can be Early Generation (F-1 through F-3) or later generations (F-4 through F-8) and come in several standard and many, many non standard colors the pricing can vary greatly.

Generally speaking the closer (lower the number) the kitten is to the African serval the more expensive the kitten. F-1 kittens are very hard to produce, have a high mortality rate from prematurity and require intensive care they are the most expensive of savannahs.  That said the price for a healthy quality pet can vary from breeder to breeder by thousands of dollars.  Here at Belle Hollow we strive to keep our pricing reasonable and our kittens are frequently more affordable than other breeders. We are able to accomplish this by having lower overhead (we already live on a farm), our daughter and my best friend are our two Vets so we are able to keep our veterinary bills in check and we don’t need to make a whole year’s salary on each kitten.

A savannahs price is not necessarily an indicator of quality just an indicator of what a breeder thinks their market will bare. We have seen many, many breeders come and go over the years thinking they could make a huge profit on just a few Early Generation kittens. We are more interested in placing our quality kittens in quality homes and maintaining our excellent reputation, than making a quick buck on a high dollar sale. See our pricing page for our pricing guidelines but keep in mind all kittens are priced according to their individual attributes.