The Spring breeding season has arrived! We expect many lovely Savannah and Egyptian Mau kittens starting now and running through the end of the year. We allow kittens to go home as early as 9 weeks depending on how they will travel. We feel early bonding is important especially with these super smart breeds. If you don’t see what you want email us to get on the notify list for the kitten you have been looking for!

See our pricing page for price range on different kitten types. Each kitten is priced individually and the price may change as the kitten matures and we are better able to see the kittens potential.

This pretty F-7B savannah boy has a rich golden base coat, dark black spots and will be a stunning adult and loving pets/companion.

This sweet F-7B savannah angel looks silver but has a golden cast to her coat . She will grow to be "Cool" Brown Spotted and will be a stunning adult.

SOLD 8/10/19 Shinny and silver this girl is going to be fabulously spotted and clear coated. She will make a fabulous exotic looking companion or a breeding prospect.

This sweet Savannah girl has fabulous spots and will make a wonderful companion. She is a playing machine and will give you hours of entertainment.

This beautiful F-7SBT savannah Boy has a rich golden cast to his coat and a dark nose. He will be a super pet and companion to some lucky person.

Sold 8/11/19 Beautifully Spotted this girl will make a fabulous addition to almost any home, or family. Such a sweet and pretty girl! She has gone home to Clint, his wife and Blake their son in SC.

This sweet F-2B savannah girl has oodles of spots! She had a fluffy coat early on but her coat has taken on a more Serval like feel and the lovely buttery color will make her a stunning pet or excellent addition to a breeding program.

This F-2B girl has fabulous spots and will make an exotic looking pet or even a potential queen for an approved breeding program. She has great contrast and large spots.

This big F-2B guy is the largest of his litter at birth. Dark with large black spots he will grow to be a strikingly exotic looking adult. From a sweet pairing of Zuri and Troubles he will make a loving, if mischievous, pet.

This beautiful F-2B Medium colored male will grow to be a stunning adult with super spots and a winning personality. If you're looking for a fabulous exotic looking pet look no further,

Sold 8-10-19 This precious silver boy is the last of his line as Mom is retiring. He is stunning silver and has a winning disposition. We call him Button as in "cute as"....

This savannah girl has pale buttery color with great spots. She will be stunning and as an SBT she is eligable for show.

This savannah girl is just slightly darker in color than her sister but still has the very desirable buttery coat and may have more contrast as an adult. She to is SBT and eligible for show.

This precious savannah boy is already Mr Personality. Beautiful golden on his face and feet may prove to make him a very special boy

This sweet boy was a small kitten at birth and just could not keep up with his 3 siblings. He has been bottlefed in addition to his mothers care and will make an excellent pet. He is also just beautiful with his stunning buttery color.