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The Spring breeding season has arrived! We expect many lovely Savannah and Egyptian Mau kittens starting now and running through the end of the year. We allow kittens to go home as early as 9 weeks depending on how they will travel. We feel early bonding is important especially with these super smart breeds. If you don’t see what you want email us to get on the notify list for the kitten you have been looking for!

See our pricing page for price range on different kitten types. Each kitten is priced individually and the price may change as the kitten matures and we are better able to see the kittens potential.

BACK AVAILABLE! This sweet F-6SBT Snow boy and his siter have been under contract since they were 4 weeks old but like his sister, the families finances have changed and they are unable to bring them home. He's a stunning boy and will make a fabulous pet!

SUPER OPORTUNITY!! This sweet Snow F-6SBT Savannah girl has been under contract since she was 4 weeks old but her family had a financial set back and can no longer take her home. Their loss your gain to secure a truely spectacular kitten!

This beautiful F-3C Savannah girl was a little early and I personally bottle raised her from birth. She is a 100% Human Imprint and will be a pet like no other kitten can be.

In her first photo shot only on eye is open but that will change soon and she will be the loving pet she was bred to be. She has come into her own and is full of joy and energy.

This lovely silver F-4SBT savannah girl has a fuzzy coat and may be a little on the fluffy side as an adult but her spots will poop as she grows. She will make a loving sweet companion.

From time to time owners circumstances change and we are asked to re-home some of our kittens as adult cats. We also retire our queens when their breeding career is over and sometimes a young cat will wash out of the breeding program. Those cats are listed here and need a loving forever home. We do charge an adoption fee as We don't believe that "Cats free to good home" often get a good home! If you think you can provide a good home for any of these special cats we would love to hear from you.