The Spring breeding season has arrived! We expect many lovely Savannah, Egyptian Mau and Geoffroy’s Cat kittens starting now and running through the end of the year. We allow kittens to go home as early as 9 weeks depending on how they will travel. We feel early bonding is important especially with these super smart breeds. If you don’t see what you want  email us to get on the notify list for the kitten you have been looking for!

See our pricing page for price range on different kitten types. Each kitten is priced individually and the price may change as the kitten matures and we are better able to see the kittens potential.

A rare recessive gene makes this boy and his brother unique among Egyptian Maus. Rather than the standard spotted cats these guys are Marbled. Still double registered and fully pedigreed, they are not eligible for show but are fabulous looking and very unusual!

This beautiful Male Geoffroy's cat is perfect for wildcat education or a Safari hybrid program. He has been raised with a litter of Savannah kitten so he is completely un aware he is not a domestic cat.

Stunningly spotted this beautiful little Mau girl will make your heart go pitter-patter. She will make a precious pet!

Silver like a shiny new dime this beautifully spotted kitten will make a superior companion and pet.

This beautiful girl is the apple of her mother Ebony's eye! An F-3C she is early generation but still very sweet and pliable.

So very very unique, this double registered Egyptian Mau girl displays a rare resistive gene making har a Marbled Mau. Not eligible for show she is stunning to look at and will make a great pet with a true Mau personality.

This precious silver savannah boy will grow to be the best friend and treasured pet some family is waiting for.

This precious snow girl will have darker color points and SPOTS when she grows. She may also retain her blue eyes. She will be an exotic and sweet pet.

This beautiful Brown Spotted girl will make an exotic looking wonderful pet for some lucky family.

This beautiful Brown Black spotted boy is going to be the savannah cat everyone expects and a loving pet.

If you love cats with color points but want spots too, this kitten is the answer. As she gets older like a Siamese kitten her color points will come in but so will her spots!

Tis precious smoke mau is almost black but her spots are visable when she turns to the light. Black on Black is beautiful and she when be just as beautiful inside as out.