The Spring breeding season has arrived! We expect many lovely Savannah, Egyptian Mau and Geoffroy’s Cat kittens starting now and running through the end of the year. We allow kittens to go home as early as 9 weeks depending on how they will travel. We feel early bonding is important especially with these super smart breeds. If you don’t see what you want  email us to get on the notify list for the kitten you have been looking for!

See our pricing page for price range on different kitten types. Each kitten is priced individually and the price may change as the kitten matures and we are better able to see the kittens potential.

This beautiful F-3C savannah boy will grow to be a fabulous pet and some lucky persons new BFF>

Just precious this F-3C Brown Spotted male kitten will be a fabulously spotted adult.

Mr Personality. This guy is all play and mischief. Beautifully spotted with a unique near silver with golden tones color, he will make you smile all day long. If you want that very special personality in your life here he is!!!

Beautiful golden F-7SBT boy who will grow to be a loving pet, companion and all around best friend to some lucky person.

Too precious now but this little F-7SBT savannah boy will grow to be a beautiful spotted pet and companion for some lucky person or family. A lovely golden coat makes him a special boy!

This beautiful F-7SBT boy will be a fabulous spotted mischief maker for some happy and loving family. Knick name airplane ears!

Beautifully spotted and reasonably priced this girl savannah will make a super spotted pet. We call her Penguin since she was such a fat baby she was shaped like one.

This precious F-3C Savannah girl can not decide to be Brown Spotted or Silver Spotted but one thing is for sure, she has fabulous spots and will make a wonderfully sweet and exotic looking Early Generation Savannah pet.

This sweet F-3C boy got off to a rough start and as a result is a 100% human Imprint. He will make a fabulous loving kitten, bolder with strangers than mother raised kittens . This guy thinks he is people!

This F-3C SIlver boy was premature and has been raised as a 100% human imprint. He has a super clear coat but is likely to have a longish fluffy coat being Non standard but super pretty. He has no tarnish and will be a stunning very silver adult.