The Spring breeding season has arrived! We expect many lovely Savannah, Egyptian Mau and Geoffroy’s Cat kittens starting now and running through the end of the year. We allow kittens to go home as early as 9 weeks depending on how they will travel. We feel early bonding is important especially with these super smart breeds. If you don’t see what you want  email us to get on the notify list for the kitten you have been looking for!

See our pricing page for price range on different kitten types. Each kitten is priced individually and the price may change as the kitten matures and we are better able to see the kittens potential.

This beautiful black nosed boy was held as a pet for a friend. Plans change and he is now available for reservation. He is sweet as sugar and loves attention. What a wonderful pet he will be for someone.

Beautifully spotted this silver F-3C silver male will make an excellent pet. Still an early generation Savannah but he will be a little more civilized than some of the earlier gen. cats. The purrfect combination of Seval X domestic!

Just purrfect for the owner who likes a high energy and interactive pet this guy is the cat meow and has fabulous spots.

Like a little black leopard this guy will grow to be a stunning and sultry pet for some lucky person. He has a small white tummy locket to add a little extra character.

This beautiful Non Standard colored ginger spotted boy is Too cute and very special since the Chinese believe Ginger Cats are good luck. Spotted ginger Cats must be better luck!

What a sweet face on this Brown(back) spotted savannah Boy. He will make a wonderful companion and pet for some lucky family.

This precious Snow Savannah boy will be a fabulous and stunning pet. Born white these snow kittens first get color in their ears and tail and then over time develop spots on their body, Just beautiful.

Snows are so spectacular. They are born white, and then their ears and tails get color. Then over a period of the first year they get spots all over their bodies while retaining their blue eyes.

Fabulous spots and silver color make this F-3C Savannah girl the whole package.