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Geoff Kittens DOB 6-24-11 013-800Belle Hollow was thrilled to anounce the arrival of our first Geoffroys Cat kittens. Born of Figment and Karl they represent a new bloodline in the USA as Karl was imported from the Czech Republic. One male golden spotted and one female golden spotted arrived 6-24-11.

Then on 10/7/11 we welcomed a second litter of Geoffroy’s from Maya and Mystery. Sadly only a single kitten survived but “Starbuck” joined his new Family in Nevada. Due to the recent events in Nevada, making it a less exotic friendly state, Starbuck has returned to Belle Hollow to rejoin our breeding program   Visit Starbuck or Ash and Chloe under the “Watch our kittens” tab of this website for updates along with this years girl Squeek!