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So, you’ve decided to add a touch of wild elegance to your life with a Savannah kittens for sale. Congratulations on choosing a feline companion that’s as exotic as they come! But, before those adorable paws prance into your life, let’s talk about how to whip your home into shape, transforming it into the perfect haven for your soon-to-be Savannah sidekick.

Jungle Gym Living Room: The Savannah Cat Playground 

Unleash the wild side of your living room by turning it into a jungle gym. Savannah kittens are known for their love of heights and exploration. Invest in cat trees, shelves, and perches to create an indoor adventure land that satisfies their innate climbing instincts. Not only will your Savannah appreciate the vertical terrain, but it will also keep them entertained while you binge-watch your favourite show.

Hide and Seek: The Importance of Hiding Spots 

Picture this: a game of hide and seek with your Savannah cat for sale. These feline dynamos love their secret spots. Introduce cozy hiding spots like enclosed cat beds, caves, or even strategically placed cardboard boxes. It’s not just about creating hideouts; it’s about giving your cat a sense of security, a private sanctuary where they can retreat when the world gets a bit too noisy.

Litter Box Luxury: The Scoop on Proper Placement 

When it comes to litter boxes, it’s all about location, location, location. Savannah cats can be a tad particular about their restroom routine. Choose a quiet, low-traffic area for the litter box, ensuring it’s easily accessible yet tucked away for privacy. Experiment with different types of litter to see what your feline friend prefers, because, let’s face it, cats can be as finicky about their bathrooms as humans.

Window Watchers: A Cat’s Front Row Seat to the World

 Savannah cats are natural-born birdwatchers. Position your cat’s favourite perch by a window to provide a front-row seat to the outside world. Not only does this cater to their curiosity, but it also taps into their love for observation. Consider adding bird feeders or a small outdoor enclosure for a touch of the wild without compromising safety.

Interactive Playtime: Keeping the Savannah Spirit Alive

 Savannah kittens are bundles of energy, and interactive playtime is the key to a happy and healthy cat. Invest in toys that mimic prey, engage in and play, and indulge in puzzle feeders to stimulate their sharp minds. Remember, a tired cat is a content cat, so be prepared to invest some time in daily play sessions.

Safety First: The Savannah-Proof Home

 Savannah cats are known for their intelligence and curiosity, which can sometimes lead them into mischief. Savannah-proof your home by securing cabinets, removing toxic plants, and ensuring that electrical cords are tucked away. These little detectives have a knack for finding trouble, so a bit of prevention goes a long way.

Elevated Dining: The Savannah Cat’s Gourmet Experience Elevate your Savannah’s dining experience with raised food and water bowls. This not only adds a touch of luxury but also aligns with their preference for dining at a higher level. Plus, it reduces the strain on their neck and joints, ensuring mealtime is both comfortable and stylish.

Quality Time: Bonding with Your Savannah Companion Savannah cats thrive on companionship, and bonding with your feline friend is a two-way street. Spend quality time petting, grooming, and engaging in gentle play. Create a routine that includes one-on-one time to strengthen your bond and ensure your Savannah feels like a valued member of the family.

Kittens for Sale: Finding the Right Furry Friend Now that your home is a veritable Savannah paradise, it’s time to find the perfect kitten. Look into reliable breeders, or think about adopting from a rescue. Ask questions about the kitten’s health, socialization, and living conditions to ensure you’re bringing home a happy and well-adjusted companion.


Prepping your home for a Savannah kitten is all about embracing the wild spirit within these feline wonders. From creating vertical playgrounds to choosing the right litter, every detail contributes to a home that both nurtures and challenges your Savannah cat.

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