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The first half of our breeding year is over and we are busy getting all the spring kittens to their new homes. We have been blessed with many beautiful Egyptian Maus, F-4 and F-6 Savannahs and most recently an precious F-2B Savannah from Pearl and Truffles.

The girls are back visiting the boys and some of the younger girls are hopefully already bred with the summer/fall kittens that so many are waiting for. 

We still hope for F-1 Savannahs from Jeffree and several new girls, F-1 Safari from, Mystery, Duck and maybe Ching. We are also awaiting our first geoffroy’s of this year. Mystery and Maya are keeping company and Starbuck is trying hard to figure the girls out. 

We will have another round of Egyptian Mau kittens which are so stunningly beautiful and beloved by their people parents. We hope Van will figure out the girls so we can offer unrelated pairs as well.