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Different people have different ideas about what it means to have a cat. Some people want a cat that will cuddle with them and sit on their laps, while others are happy to live with a cat that is very independent and doesn’t want to spend much time with people.

The important thing is to look for a cat that will play with you if you want it to. When looking for a Savannah Cats for Sale or Egyptian Cats for Sale you need consider what you are looking for in your pet. Cats like people have different personalities which is heavily effected by what they did (or didn’t do) when they were young. which can make them fearful or confident around people and in life in general.

How much care and attention does a cat need?

When it comes to pets, Savannah Cats and Egyptian Maus aren’t as hard to care for as dogs, which need to be walked but are often Dog-like in temperament. They do need care, just like any other pet, and some need more care than others. Do you want to spend a lot of time with your cat, do you want it to be demanding, or do you not have much time? Cats fit better into busy, modern lives than dogs do because they are more independent, can be left alone much more easily, and do better in smaller apartments or houses. People who have busy, stressful lives and want some company when they go home to relax often choose cats.

Can I keep a cat on vegetarian food?

You don’t eat meat, and you want your cat to do the same? If you want a vegetarian pet that won’t make you question your beliefs, you should get a rabbit instead of a cat. A cat is an “obligate carnivore” which is why it looks and acts the way it does. It needs many nutrients only found in meat, and all of its senses of smell and taste are tuned to being a carnivore. It would be unfair and very bad for its health to even try to keep it as a vegetarian.

Is there a type of cat which doesn’t hunt?

All cats are predators. You may not like the idea of your cat hunting but hunt they will. You should keep your cat inside where it will not be able to kill birds but it will still need to play hunt. Hunting is its most natural behavior. Often people keep “Barn Cats” which are used to keep rodents away. If that’s what you want in your cat you should select a cat from a local shelter that has spent much of it’s life outside and is an experienced hunter. Giving an older partially feral cat an outside life maybe the only opportunity it has to avoid being euthanized and can serve a valuable place by become a working cat.

Can I keep a cat indoors?

Cats born and bred indoors are generally happy to spend their entire life inside. They, as kittens, may wish to check out the outside world but once they reach adulthood if given proper stimulation and exercise they will never miss the outdoors. Many become fearful of the outside world as they age. If your cat is intent on going outside, you should consider teaching it to walk on leash or provide it with a catio. Cats born feral often learn skills from their parent cats that help them to survive. Many feral born cats are not happy as house cats, but nothing good ever happens to a cat that lives it life outdoors without human protection. Only feral born cats or cats with negative personalities that make them unsuitable for pets should be permitted to live outside and then it is often a perilous life usually ending prematurely and violently. This is the life of a working cat not a pet.