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How does color or ear size effect the price of a savannah?

I was recently asked if price or ear size effect the price of kittens and feel it is a subject that prospective buyers can benefit from.
Kittens that are Non- permissible show colors are generally less expensive than kittens that are the 4 permissible for show in color. Those colors are Brown (black) spotted, Silver Spotted, Black and Smoke. That said some Non permissible colors like snow are extremely desirable in the pet market because they are so unique and obliviously not domestic in appearance. Black kittens can be less expensive since the average buyer is in love with spots, not necessarily savannahs as a breed. The vast majority of savannah kittens are sold to pet homes so price is effected more by market forces than actual compliance with the breed standard. Many kittens are not eligible for show regardless of their appearance because they are not 4 generations of savannah to savannah breeding like all F-1 through F-3 kittens. These early generation kittens are however higher in price because they are harder to produce, potentially are a large percentage of wild genetics and display more physical and behavioral differences than later generation cats.
Ears can be large or small depending on the genetics of any given cat. Large ears are not always the product of savannah to serval breeding but can be the result of out-crossing to breeds like oriental short hairs which as a breed have large ears anyway.
My recommendation is that unless you are planning on breeding or showing, concentrate on acquiring a healthy kitten with a suitable disposition for your home and needs. Early generations require more supervision and commitment on the owners part. In exchange, when properly socialized as kittens, they bond very closely and display more dog like loyalty and intelligence than normal domestic cats. Later generations kittens are easier to acclimate into the average home. Are still very intelligent, high energy and doglike but are better with small children generally and have more domestic like general behaviors.
Our mission at Belle Hollow is to produce healthy, social and then beautiful kittens in that order of importance. Is does no good to be beautiful if a kitten is not healthy and friendly.