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Kittens at Christmas!

We at Belle Hollow wish to wish all our Savannah, Egyptian Mau and Geoffroy’s Cat owners a Very Merry Christmas. We hope your years has been a blessed one and the New Year will bring you much joy and happiness. 

I would also like to take this opportunity to remind you that kittens and Christmas Trees are not always compatible. Shiny lights and glass ornaments are sometimes irresistible and Savannah Kittens, Egyptian Maus and especially Geoffroy’s Cats just can’t help but get in trouble. 

Please supervise your cats in the presence of that all to unnatural tree. Further be sure to keep Christmas arrangements and plants out of the mouths of your babes as many are extremely toxic to cats. That lovely Poinsettia is a prime example.

See this link for a list of beautiful but poisonous beauties.

Once again we wish to wish you and your fur family a very Merry and Blassed Christmas and a fabulous and healthy New Year!

Betsy and Stan Whitlock

Belle Hollow Farms and Exotics.