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New Arrivals
We are expecting several litters of  F-2 and F-6  Savannahs, more Egyptian Maus in Silver, Bronze, Smoke and Black!!!

All of our F-1 and F-2 Kittens are Full Human Imprints!

Call today and see the difference and why you want your next family member from Belle Hollow.

Belle Hollow Babies

What’s New

  • Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year December 25, 2015
    This year comes to close with so many more beloved kittens and their families. We have been blessed to place them in loving homes where we hope they will make their new families lives richer with love and companionship. Stan and I, want to wish all our Belle Hollow families and friends a very Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year. Betsy and Stan Whitlock
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  • Belle Hollow goes to Hollywood! November 15, 2015
    Our two beautiful silver Egyptian Mau boys are on their way to Hollywood to star in a new commercial and star their lives as working cats for a Hollywood Animal Training company.They will will be living with their trainers and well loved as beloved pets when in in the studio.
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  • Christmas is Coming! November 8, 2015
    We have 6 stunning F-6 savannah kittens that will be ready to go home on or after 12/17/15. We still have 2, F-2 kittens that will also be ready to go before Christmas. Now if you want the most special “Lump of Coal”, consider Petunia, a melanistic Geoffroy’s Cat kitten who will make the most unusual Christmas kitten ever. We expect another litter of Maus which won’t make Christmas but will be a great way to ...
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  • News from some of our Babies May 30, 2015
    As a breeder I love to get these kind of emails from owners. I have 2 full siblings of these boys available now, 1 male, 1 female.This is from Nicholas who purchased 2 F-6SBT boys from me last fall. Kenya has taken on a rusty colored belly and has well proportioned spots. Quite the athlete, he plays well and is only at times skittish. As he matures he has become very loving. He never bites or ...
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  • 2015 is off with a Bang! January 2, 2015
    We have a super selection of kittens available, Brown Spotted, Smoke, Black on Black and even a Bright Orange Savannah plus a new litter of Silver Egyptian Maus. If you have been waiting to choose your new furry family member now is an ideal time with so many to pick from and great prices as well.
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