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What is the difference between Male and Female Kittens temperaments?

I am often asked the difference between male and female kittens temperaments when families are choosing their kittens. I like to explain the difference as follows. Male kittens are very much like the stereotypical 3 to 4 year old human

How much do Savannah Cats cost and why?

The price of a savannah cats can be as little as $500 to up into the $20,000 plus range. The reason for this huge variation in price is that there are so many different generations, qualities and colors of savannahs.

How big are Savannah Cats?

  This is the most commonly asked question I hear from potential owners. It is also the most often over stated fact regarding the breed. Savannah cats as described in the TICA standard are considered to be a medium sized

Egyptian Mau, The original Domestic cat!

This fabulously spotted breed is beautiful both inside and out. Even tempered, intelligent and very pliable, the Egyptian Mau is a true jewel among cats. As humans evolved and began to grow crops these cats evolved to exploit the vermin

Fat Cats!!!!

Fat Cats! PLEASE PLEASE READ THIS ALL   I feel it I necessary to remind owners that Egyptian Maus and most cat breeds are “Easy Keepers” (require very little food) as they have evolved as street and feral cats and

It’s Savannah Mania at Belle Hollow!

We have an amazing selections of available and affordable savannah kittens at this time. F-2s, F-3s and F-6Bs and SBTS and in a rainbow of colors. If you don’t see the kitten you are looking for please Contact us to


A little bird told me we will be offering 4 stunning little F-2 Savannah babies in the next few weeks.

Are Savannah Cats “other pet” friendly?

I get this question all the time!  Savannah Cats are generally very gregarious in nature and if properly introduced get along well with other pets. As kittens Savannah Cats like all kittens are pretty pliable and will learn to fit

How much do Savannahs cost?

That’s a great question! Because savannahs can be Early Generation (F-1 through F-3) or later generations (F-4 through F-8) and come in several standard and many, many non standard colors the pricing can vary greatly. Generally speaking the closer (lower

Is a Savannah right for me?

Savannahs are generally a high energy cat. Not your Mom’s couch potato, they enjoy interaction, play and are very intelligent. If you want a “Doglike” pet without the dog, Savannahs maybe the perfect kitten for you. Easily trained, savannahs can