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Watch our Kittens GROW!

All the kittens found on this page have been placed in or are reserved to go to their “Forever” homes. If you click on any main picture you will see additional pictures of the same kitten at different ages. If you find a kitten you particularly like please contact me and I can let you know if we expect future kittens from the same crossings.

An Open Letter to my kittens and their owners

To my kittens;

Know, that like your natural mother, I have devoted myself to you. I love you and always will. I have given much of myself to you that I can never take back. Each one of you is special to me as an individual.  I have come to know you like no other ever will. I will always miss you and hope that your new mother and /or father will love you as much as I have.

To my new owners;

Know that I have placed in your hands the most precious gift. They are all so special and irreplaceable. If I could I would keep them all, but in their best interest, they all need a single family of their own that will love and cherish them.  Not unlike my human children they must find their own places and families. I hope you will come to love and understand how truly special my babies are if not for their uniqueness as a breed but for the love and effort I have placed in them.

Betsy Whitlock
Belle Hollow Farms and Exotics.

We hope you enjoy seeing our kittens grow into the truely amazing companion animals their new Moms and Dads continue to enjoy everyday!